The Retirees Club (16)

I dove for cover behind a fallen tree.My companion dove too.He landed in a spot that was just frozen dirt, I was next to a pile of icy snow.Somebody threw an ice ball at me! My companion… I realized it was Tom.I peered over the log and saw two women with an ice ball in each hand – Molly and Cindy.I started packing an ice ball of my own.Tom said, “I got no ammunition! No ammunition!”I got ready to blast Molly, and… Why is it that I only remember the unpleasant dreams?I stirred in bed, then half awake, I realized there was a point to it.Tom didn’t fight back against Molly and Cindy because he had no ammunition.I had invasion of privacy and the threat of a lawsuit.Maybe I should revisit the cold shoulder I’ve been giving these guys.Eventually I drifted back to sleep. When I woke, I resolved to apologize.We hadn’t known each other long enough to develop a strong friendship, but I felt like I was out of line – at least somewhat. After the gym, the three guys were shooting pool again.I stopped by to say hello. “You guys still cheating each other in eight ball?” I asked? Tom said, “Look what the cat dragged in.”He and Frank had reserved smiles. I took the lead.”Hey, I’ve been thinking about that whole scene with those women, and I have been kinda hard on you guys.I had something to defend myself, and you guys had nothing on Cindy.I’m sorry.” Tom smiled and said, “No, we should have stood up to her.In any case, it’s good to see you again.” I bullshitted with them for a few minutes then made my exit; it was coffee time.On the way, Frank said, “The invitation is still open for cards.” I smiled and said, “Yeah, sounds good.See you Tuesday.” After she got my coffee, Andie told me she had spent the night with her ex and ex’s lover.I asked, “Good time?” “Better than I expected, I guess I was worried.I’m getting to like the guy, and I still care for Emma, though it’s different than it was.” “Good, I hope it works out.”She asked, “I saw you talking with the guys, what’s new?” “I thought I’d try to thaw things out.We’ll see.” When I got home, I felt like doing some work on the house.It was late fall and I mulched the flowers and cut down the perennials.When I went in for lunch, my mind wandered to going over for “cards”.I remembered the first time I sucked a cock, and how Tom dumped his load in my mouth.Then how Bill made me cum.Nice thoughts, I was looking forward to going back with them.And I had a stiff cock at the thought.So I went to my bedroom and got out my toy.I stripped and laid on the bed, looking down at my hard cock.Touching it with my fingers, it bobbed up and down.Hot.Then I started to touch my balls with one hand, and wrapped the other around my shaft.I stroked for a few minutes, then reached for the Fleshlight.I slid it down onto my dick, damn this is good.Slowly, I began to pump it up and down on myself.It didn’t take long before I felt my orgasm start to rise.A few good pumps, and I exploded into the toy. Later, I called Jerry.I wanted to invite him to the boys’ night out, but I wasn’t sure if he was comfortable around the drinking.If he wasn’t, I could just have him and Bill over.But Jerry was ok with it, said he regularly spent time socializing around liquor, and still was dry for many years. Tuesday came along eventually.I’d left my bottle of bourbon at Tom’s, so all I needed to do was show up.Jerry met me at my place with a bottle of white grape juice, and we walked over.The fellows were psyched to see that I’d brought a friend.They got acquainted with Jerry for a bit, then I asked, “So Jerry, anything special under those clothes tonight?” The other guys gave me a quizzical look.I explained, “When I met up with Jerry, he loaned me some sexy underwear. Which I proceeded to make a cummy mess out of.” Frank chuckled and said, “My ex used to make me dress up in her panties and bra.” “I’d like to see that,” Jerry replied.”But to answer your question, Pete, I do have some nice knickers on.” Tom offered that the idea was making him hard.So we retired to the theater room.We started a flick about a guy who fucked a series of chicks, and while the action started up, Tom asked Jerry to model his undies for us.So he slowly unbuttoned his shirt.No bra this time, just a cammy.I walked over and reached into it and felt his man tit.Jerry continued to undress, dropping his pants to show some lacy white panties… with a big lump in the front.Tom stepped over to him and reached down to feel Jerry’s cock in his panties.Tom took out his cock and showed it to Jerry, and Jerry went to his knees and began to kiss it.All the while, Bill just watched this unfold. I felt a hand on my ass.I turned to find Frank, who said, “I think we have some unfinished 69 business.”I reached around him and pressed my crotch against his.Frank and I went to the futon and watched each other undress.I was done first and laid down, then Frank laid down the opposite way.I had a great view of his long, thin cock and began to play with it.Frank had other ideas and immediately put his mouth on my cock and slid down on it.”Damn, Frank, you like that thing, don’t you?”I followed suit and put my mouth on his cock and went deep.We both began to slid up and down on each other’s cocks. I looked over at the other guys, and saw both Tom and Bill working on Jerry.They had pulled down his cammy and each were sucking on one of Jerry’s nipples.Jerry’s cock was hanging out the panty leg, and looking mighty hard. I reached around Frank and pulled him towards me. After a while enjoying cock in my mouth and my cock getting sucked, I said I wanted to change.I pressed him down on his back, spread his legs and got between them.I took hold of his cock and stuck my face down where I could lick his balls.This was doing the trick, Frank started to groan and hump, and I squeezed his cock harder.Then he cried out in pleasure as his orgasm hit.I could see streams of cum squirting out of his cock as I held it. I got up on my knees and scooped up as much of his cum as I could in my hand.I wrapped my cummy hand around my cock and stroked it, hard.In about one minute, I groaned as I came.Pointing my cock down, I poured my load out on Frank’s cock and in his pubic hair.Just to give my self a nice finish, I knelt down and licked it up off his dick, then put it in my mouth for a while. Meanwhile, Tom had returned to his knees and had Jerry’s cock in his mouth. He was kissing Bill.Now Bill took his cock out too.Jerry said, “I heard that your cock was beautiful, and he was right.I want you.” Tom got off Jerry’s member and Jerry laid down on his back and told Bill, “Come up here and fuck my mouth.”Bill knelt over Jerry and leaned down until his cock was in Jerry’s mouth.He stuck it in and began to pump in and out.Tom was back on Jerry’s cock.After a bit, Bill started making croaking noises then buried his little dick in Jerry’s mouth, and put shots of cum in there.And almost at the same time, Tom’s work was bringing off Jerry – who put his cum in Tom’s mouth. I got up and went over to them.I rolled Tom over and started giving him head.It didn’t take long; he had gotten really turned on by playing with Jerry and sucking him off.Next thing I know, Tom’s fat cock was squirting into my mouth. Everybody just laid around for a while.But round two was about to happen.;area=summary;u=9180

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